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Steelers Connection: Small changes could pay big dividends for Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland

The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing a must-win situation Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. There are some small changes which could be made that could pay big dividends for the team.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing a must-win game Sunday when they travel to Ohio to play the Cleveland Browns. Winning is a must for several reasons, one of them being the Browns have yet to win a football game, but if Pittsburgh wants to keep their playoff hopes alive, losing isn’t an option.

At 4-5, the Steelers cannot afford another slip up, especially while coming off a 4-game losing streak. While most fans are screaming for change, no I’m not suggesting firing the entire coaching staff, there are a few changes which could be made to help the Steelers this Sunday.

On offense, moving to a no-huddle offense and utilizing Cobi Hamilton and Ladarius Green could certainly help open up the offense and provide more room for players like Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown.

There aren’t many changes necessary on the offensive side of the football, but on the defensive side there are changes which need to be made, but the team finds themselves painted into a corner.

Mike Mitchell hasn’t played well the second quarter of the season, but there is no one really ready, or capable, to replace him. The same could be said about players like Artie Burns, Robert Golden and Sean Davis. Nonetheless, the Steelers have tweaked their approach by naming James Harrison the starter, and hopefully finding a way to mask the absence of Cameron Heyward.

These changes, although small, could pay big dividends for the black and gold on Sunday, and in the latest podcast, which you can hear in the player above, I go into greater detail about what fans can expect from the team in Week 11.

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