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Steelers Connection: Home stretch of games just what the doctor ordered for Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers finish the season with three straight AFC North games, and the team couldn’t have hand picked a better way to finish the regular season.

It’s okay if you admit it. You sit there watching the Pittsburgh Steelers every week waiting for the other shoe to drop. The let downs have been real the past few seasons, and they have hit hard.

There are a lot of you reading this right now who probably are thinking the same thing as the team heads into Week 15 riding a 4-game winning streak, and preparing to play the Cincinnati Bengals in their final road game of the regular season.

The Bengals, who are having a down year by their standards, could be just the team to trip up a Steelers team who might be looking over the 4-7-1 Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium and looking ahead to the Christmas Day matchup with the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field. No one would fault you for thinking like that. After all, it has happened before (i.e. - Week 16 game at Baltimore in 2015 vs. Ryan Mallett), but I don’t see it happening in 2016.

In fact, I think this is the perfect three game stretch to finish the season for the Steelers. Yes, the Bengals are having a down year, but who else gets the Steelers’ attention quite like Vontaze Burfict, Geno Atkins, Adam “Pacman” Jones and company?

The answer to that question is not many. The Bengals will give the Steelers an added spark, not that they will need it, but it should be enough to prevent them from looking ahead to the gigantic showdown with Baltimore on December 25th.

After the Bengals game, the Ravens will be the perfect test for the Steelers, and to finish up with the Browns is like a cherry on top of the regular season sundae Pittsburgh could be experiencing by then.

I break down just why these games are just what the doctor ordered for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the short podcast above, take a listen!

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