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Steelers Connection: What will it take for the Killer B’s to all have dominant performances?

The Steelers offense is dynamic, but hasn’t been firing on all cylinders yet. Just imagine if they did.

Imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers offense is a three cylinder engine. Ben Roethlisberger is one, Antonio Brown another and Le’Veon Bell rounds out the last cylinder. So far throughout the 2016 regular season, the Steelers offense has seen one, or sometimes two, cylinders firing, but there always seems to be one which simply isn’t working properly.

Look at the 5-game winning streak the team is experiencing currently:

PIT at CLE: Bell rushes for 146 yards, Brown has 76 yards receiving as Roethlisberger throws for a measly 167 yards.

PIT at IND: Bell rushes for over 100 yards again, with Brown having 91 receiving yards and Roethlisberger cashing in for 221.

PIT vs. NYG: Roethlisberger throws for 289, Bell rushes for 118 and Brown checks in with 54 yards receiving.

PIT at BUF: Roethlisberger throws for 220, Bell goes off for 236 yards and Brown tallies 78 yards.

PIT at CIN: Bell rushes for 93, Roethlisberger tosses 286 and Brown receives 58 yards.

Look back at those numbers and you can see there wasn’t a game where Roethlisberger, Bell and Brown all had tremendous games. Now, I realize Roethlisberger and Brown are handcuffed together. They both need one another to succeed, but just imagine this team if Bell rushes for 150+, Roethlisberger throws for 300 or more and Brown goes over 100 yards receiving. That is the definition of a dominant offense.

The Steelers have that potential, but it hasn’t been reached yet. Some have theories why: suspensions, poor play on the road, etc., but the fact is the Steelers offense can do some things which could help their stars shine as bright as possible, together, when the games matter the most.

In the podcast above I detail these statistics, and also talk about ways the Steelers can get the best out of the “Killer B’s” so that three cylinder engine is able to power the Steelers offense, and the team, all the way into the playoffs.

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