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BTSC on Demand: Talking Steelers win, playoff hopes, Jarvis Jones and more

After the Steelers big Week 16 win, BTSC took to Facebook Live to enjoy the victory with fellow fans.

NFL: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16, and it was one of the more exciting, epic, and intense games not just in the rivalry between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, but in the history of Heinz Field.

After the game, I took to Facebook Live to talk with fans about the game, and there were some interesting topics which were brought up. In the video below you can see as I answer questions about some of the following burning topics with the black and gold.

  • Steelers poor tackling
  • Jarvis Jones inactive
  • Terry Bradshaw’s comments on Mike Tomlin
  • DOUBLE Renegade
  • Antonio Brown and his spectacular play
  • Poor officiating
  • and MUCH MORE!

I take to Facebook Live after every game, and you can be a part of the segment by following on Facebook. Simply go HERE to be a part of the BTSC Facebook family!

Check the video below: