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Steelers Podcast: Can Pittsburgh's replacements best the Browns?

Go inside the Steel City Underground to hear whether the Steelers backups can best the Cleveland Browns in Week 17.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Can Pittsburgh's replacements best the Browns?

This episode is unlike any we've done before... well, at least not since the preseason!

We really should preview the X's and O's of how the Steelers can beat the Browns, but it'd be a lot easier to do so if we knew who was playing.

That's right, like the preseason, a few key players will be getting some rest on Sunday, which includes a handful of big names. We're going to discuss who is going to suit, who isn't, and how that might turn out.

Let's just say we think our second-string can take the Browns, especially within the confines of Heinz!