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Steelers Connection: Projecting Pittsburgh’s AFC Playoff destiny

The Pittsburgh Steelers options to make the 2016 AFC Playoffs might now include a new insurance policy. We take a look at the Steelers’ AFC Playoff destiny.

There was a time when the only way Pittsburgh Steelers could get into the AFC Playoffs was as the AFC North Champions. That avenue still remains a very viable option for the team, as the division will be settled between the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, but a new insurance policy has developed over recent weeks.

At one point the Steelers were so far behind the Wild Card pack, the thought of them possibly getting into the playoffs without winning the division seemed bleak. However, with the AFC West beating the proverbial snot out of each other, the Denver Broncos have fallen back to the pack.

Believe it or not, the Steelers, if they continue their winning ways, have a realistic chance of getting into the playoffs, even if somehow they stumble down the stretch and don’t win the division. They can’t let the wheels fall off, but fans should realize their are other options for them as they push to the postseason.

Of course, the Broncos and Miami Dolphins would have to lose in the final four weeks, but their final quarter of the season is anything but easy. There is no guarantee the Steelers make the playoffs, but fans should rest easy knowing two things: the team controls their own destiny, and there is now a new avenue for them to be playing January football.

Take a listen to the latest podcast above where I detail not just the Steelers playoff hopes, but detail the remaining schedules and odds of the rest of the field entering Week 14.

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