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Steelers Podcast: Steelers Nation has no boundaries around the globe

Joe Kuzma of Steel City Underground joins the BTSC podcasting community with his latest podcast focusing on Steelers Nation, and it's limitless boundaries.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Today's episode is a continuation of talking about Steelers fan living outside of Pittsburgh. I am joined by the editor of Behind The Steel Curtain, Jeff Hartman, as they discuss Jeff's recent Father's Day article (How a father can change their child's life with the selection of an NFL team.)

We also talk about our unique experiences of growing up, and living in, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio, the various other fans we come across, and how we're navigating our own children away from other family member's wishes (such as Joe's wife attempting to convert their young daughter into a Cleveland Browns fan, of all things.)
There's also a little chatter about the worldwide appeal of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are really "America's Team."

Joe is the creator, and manager, of Steel City Underground. This is Joe's first podcast on the BTSC platform, and he will continue producing content throughout the 2016 Steelers season.