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Steelers Podcast: Will Mike Wallace be better with the Ravens than the Steelers?

Check out the latest podcast from our partner Joe Kuzma from Steel City Underground where he talks about the latest news of Mike Wallace possibly being better with the Ravens than he ever was with the Steelers.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace says he's better than when he left the Steelers

Yikes. This could mean only one thing: it's that slow period before training camp starts!

Joe is flying solo again after having on a few guests over the last week, and this time he's going to opine on Mike Wallace's interview, where he claims (among other things) that he's better now than he was when he was playing in Pittsburgh.

I'm somewhat okay with his comment: he has some confidence and is attempting to instill confidence in those still dishing out large amounts of cash for his services (which haven't lived up to the price tag recently.)

That's where I'll examine who has been better off since parting ways: Mike Wallace, or, The Steelers?

Joe is the founder of Steel City Underground, a Pittsburgh Steelers blog and podcast. Follow SCU on Facebook andTwitter.