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Steelers Podcast: Why are so many members of the media "hating" on Pittsburgh?

Take a listen to the latest podcast from Joe Kuzma from Steel City Underground as he discusses why members of the media are "hating" on Pittsburgh so much leading into 2016.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Why are the Steelers getting so much hate?

What an odd title for this episode, right?

With all of the recent guest and topics, I have a mashup of things to address: those things are a perception that the Steelers are whiny children (apparently) receiving special privileges from the league, among other things.

Last week, an anonymous NFC East executive claimed the Steelers get a "pass" with their behavior, when compared to other teams. On ESPN's First Take, which aired from Steelers training camp on Wednesday, Max Kellerman (the new Skip Bayless of the show) called Pittsburgh's defense "soft" to Mike Tomlin's face. (Yikes!)

I'm approaching Kellerman's comment a little more seriously than I probably should, but there are several reasons the Steelers D is on the rise, and I will explore those, as well as why the Steelers aren't "untouchable" as the exec might claim.

Maybe all of this "hate" doesn't have as much merit as those may make it seem.