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Steelers Podcast: "Black and Gold NFL Recap" talks Pittsburgh loss and AFC North training camp news

The latest BTSC Podcast "Black and Gold NFL Recap" was on the air Saturday night to talk all things NFL, and of course the Steelers.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Were you angry about the Pittsburgh Steelers performance Friday night against the Detroit Lions?

We've got the show for you. Take a listen to the latest BTSC podcast "Black and Gold NFL Recap" as our hosts detail not just the Steelers loss to the Lions, but also other NFL news around the league.

Here is a quick rundown of the show:

- Steelers/Lions rapid reaction
- Other NFL Preseason news
- AFC North updates after Week 1

In case you miss the live show, you can access all our shows at our BlogTalkRadio page, you can also access all shows via podcast on BTSC, as well on iTunes. Simply search 'The Standard is the Standard' for all BTSC podcasts.


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