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Steelers Connection: Why Mike Tomlin is the last of a dying breed in the NFL

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach is one of a dying breed in the NFL, and it has everything to do with the job he has done since being hired in 2007.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The name Mike Tomlin has a certain connotation connected to it. Those who follow the Pittsburgh Steelers, and often times, those who don't, you either love the newest head coach, or hate him.

Those who claim all of Tomlin's success goes back to the players he inherited from Bill Cowher, and even those who still suggest he is nothing more than a player's coach who is good at motivating his team. In other words, not a very good X's and O's coach.

Any way you look at it, on the latest edition of the Steelers Connection, I look at the main arguments, give you my rebuttal and pose some serious statistics which will have the most devout Tomlin hater thinking twice about spitting their venom his way throughout the 2016 season.

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