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Podcast: Steelers Roundtable debates expectations for the 2016 team

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the midst of training camp, and a trio of Steelers minds get together to debate the upcoming season and burning topics on the black and gold.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Round Table: Expectations of the new Steelers

Ladies and gentlemen do we have a show for you! We're back on the subject of Training Camp, and making predictions for the upcoming season.

I'm joined by the Editors of two of the largest Steelers websites on the planet: Jeff Hartman, Editor of Behind The Steel Curtain, and Neal Coolong, Senior Editor of Steelers Wire, as we dive into several topics in the first-ever SCU Round Table.

Today we're discussing the addition of Ladarius Green, the impact of the rookies, an "Isaac Redman Award" candidate, and which of the Steelers should return punts in 2016.

Also on the docket is some chatter about abolishing the linebacker rotation Pittsburgh deployed last season, as well as how the Steelers could implement another defensive scheme we saw near the end of 2015.