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Steelers Podcast: Round table previews the first quarter of the Steelers 2016 season

Join Joe Kuzma of Steel City Underground, Neal Coolong of the Steelers Wire and me as we talk about the first quarter of the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers schedule.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Round Table: Previewing the first quarter of the Steelers 2016 season

On this episode we have a full house for another SCU Round Table.

Please welcome back Jeff Hartman, Editor of Behind The Steel Curtain, and Neal Coolong, Senior Editor of Steelers Wire, as we tackle predicting the outcomes of the Steelers first four games of the season (in what we hope will be a quarterly feature with this trio.)

Those four games are as follows:

at Washington
at Philadelphia
Kansas City

We will breakdown each game individually, stating what problems the Steelers could have, picking out the opponent's X-factors, while determining a Pittsburgh win or loss.

We'll also discuss a huge story for Week 4: the return of Le'Veon Bell, and what impact he will have on the team.