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Steelers Connection: How the Steelers can exploit the Bengals and advance to 2-0

A Steelers win always sounds easy, but going about the victory is a completely different beast. In the latest Steelers Connection we break down how the Steelers can exploit the Bengals and advance to 2-0.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are about to face a tough test in the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2 of the 2016 NFL season, and there is a lot of uncertainty heading into this matchup.

How will they stop A.J. Green? Will the Steelers offensive line be able to keep the Bengals pass rush off Ben Roethlisberger?

All of these questions certainly give fans hesitation before making their predictions, but on the latest edition of the Steelers Connection, I give you the three ways Pittsburgh can exploit Cincinnati and lead them to their second victory of the 2016 season.

Here are the 3 Keys for Pittsburgh this week:

Pressure the QB

Sacks are great, but they aren't always necessary. Pressure on the quarterback, quarterback hits and pressures, are almost equally as important in grudge matches like this game. If the Steelers pass rush can generate pressure on Andy Dalton, expect a ripple effect to occur which will help the Steelers advance to 2-0.

Run the football

Staying balanced is more than just running the football on occasion. It means being effective in both the run and the pass. This ultimately comes down to the offensive line. If they are able to open holes for DeAngelo Williams, and pass protect, the Steelers could have their way with the Bengals defense.

Offensively stay "on time"

Sometimes you just have to manage the game. Help yourselves out by putting yourself in positions to succeed. Having manageable third down scenarios is a great way to start, and long time-consuming drives could equate to success for both the Steelers offense and defense.

Take a listen to the short podcast above as I break down these keys into more details, and also give you my Week 2 prediction for the game.

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