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Steelers Connection: Are injuries going to derail another hopeful season in Pittsburgh?

The Pittsburgh Steelers saw injuries derail what could have been a very special 2015 season. Is the same thing happening again in 2016?

When Pittsburgh Steelers fans talked about the prospects of the 2016 season, they spoke eloquently about an offense with superstar players at every turn, a defense which should be young and athletic and a coaching staff finally with a cupboard full of players who aren't at the end of their careers, or not up to par.

The promise of the new year was palpable, but there was, and is, always one caveat to all of these discussions: the health of the team.

"The Steelers could win Super Bowl 51 IF they stay healthy."

Pittsburgh had remained a rather healthy team through first two weeks of the 2016 regular season, but after their Week 3 shellacking by the Philadelphia Eagles, the team was bitten by the injury bug in the worst way. The laundry list of injuries spans both offense and defense, and several starters who very well might be missing not just a game, but games, before they return.

Add these injuries to those already known, Ladarius Green, Senquez Golson, Bud Dupree, and some have to start wondering if injuries could be derailing the 2016 season, like it did in 2015. After all, no one in their right mind wouldn't like Pittsburgh's chances in 2015 if Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, DeAngelo Williams and Antonio Brown didn't all get hurt at some point, and at the worst possible time for some, last season.

On the latest edition of the Steelers Connection I take a look at the injuries the team is currently dealing with, and whether or not fans should be expecting the proverbial wheels to fall off the hype train with so many players banged up.

Take a listen in the player above as I not only outline the injury complete situation, predict whether or not it could jeopardize the season, but also where the silver lining resides in the cloud which is currently hovering over the Steel City.

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