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Steelers Connection: How WR Antonio Brown can continue his ascension to one of the greatest of all-time

The Pittsburgh Steelers got a steal of a deal in the 6th round when they selected Antonio Brown from Central Michigan. What is even better is Brown can, and most likely will, continue his ascension in the NFL receiver rankings.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers know how good Antonio Brown is. After all, they get to see him decimate defenses on a weekly basis for the few short months during the NFL season, and although the rest of the NFL landscape is starting to catch on to Brown, there are some who still aren't convinced.

Forget the fact Brown has completed the greatest consecutive three seasons in NFL history for wide receivers, or putting up video game numbers on a weekly basis, some just don't think the smaller receiver is worth much.

Well, for those doubters out there, I break down just how great Brown has been, how he can continue this upward trend and even how he and Ben Roethlisberger could be considered one of the best QB/WR duos in league history.

For those who love numbers, this is your show to enjoy. I take a look back at Brown's previous three seasons, and use those numbers to help dictate just how great he could be in the next 5 years in Pittsburgh, assuming Roethlisberger is able to continue playing this brand of football for the next 5 seasons. Either way, Brown is easily one of the best wide receivers in the last decade, but I go a step further and suggest he just might be one of the greatest of all time when the dust settles.

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