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Podcast: How long can the Pro Bowl last before becoming extinct?

The annual NFL Pro Bowl is this weekend, and it makes fans have to wonder just how long this All-Star game will continue...

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC/NFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How low can the Pro Bowl go? Is it worth fixing?

There's two games left in the NFL season, and truthfully only one of them counts... because the other game barely resembles that.

With all of the declines in invites, is it still an honor for players to participate in football's version of an "all-star" game?

And what of the five Steelers who were selected, but aren't going? Only one of the originals is still in Orlando to play, while one more Steeler has been chosen as an alternate. Is it still a big deal for the alternate to get chosen?

Most of all, will this game, or any of the things surrounding it, be worth watching?

What can be done to fix what's broken with the Pro Bowl?