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Which enemy of the Steelers would you never be okay with in black and gold?

There are players who have your respect, and those who have none. Which players have crossed that line and would never be welcomed in the Steel City, in your opinion?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

When it comes to enemies of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the list is long and illustrious. However, in the free agency era, there are exceptions and sometimes the enemy becomes a teammate.

Just the other day, when a commenter said he would never want Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick on the Steelers, it made me think about this entire scenario.

Are there players who you, as a fan, would never want to see donning a black and gold uniform? I absolutely think there are players who I would never be okay with wearing a Steelers uniform, but let’s take a step back first.

There are players who have your respect, and who you say things like, “I can’t stand the guy, but if he played for Pittsburgh, that would be awesome.”

Players who fall into this category, for me, would be players such as Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, Ed Reed and even Ray Lewis.

I always enjoyed Johnson, and man what a receiver he was. As for Reed and Lewis, I couldn’t stand them because of who they played for, and the rivalry itself, not so much for any other reason.

Nonetheless, just as there are players who you would be okay wearing the black and gold, there are those who I would never want to see in the treasured Steelers uniforms. Two current Bengals come to mind as prime candidates for this designation: Vontaze Burfict and Adam “Pacman” Jones. There is, under no circumstances, where I would want either of these players to ever be a member of such a respected and storied franchise as the Steelers.

So, who would you have on your lists? Players who you would love to see in black and gold? And players who you would rather lose every game than to see them run out of the tunnel at Heinz Field waving a Terrible Towel?

I discuss this more in the latest BTSC podcast “Steelers Hangout” above. Give it a listen in the player above, and follow all of the BTSC podcasts on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard", as well as on several podcast apps for Android users.


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