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Veteran Smarts vs. Youthful Athleticism: How will the Steelers approach acquisitions this offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers have voids to fill on their roster, but will they do so through free agency, or the NFL Draft. Let the debate begin...

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers season ended one step away from the Super Bowl. Being so close leaves fans wondering what needs to change to put the team over the edge next season?

In my opinion, it comes down to filling voids, but moreso how you fill those voids. There are really only two avenues which you can find those answers: Free Agency or the NFL Draft.

Which road is the best to travel is up for debate.

Some like the veteran who has the intelligence and experience to come into a situation and not have anything be “too big” for them. The Denver Broncos did this when they signed Aquib Talib and Demarcus Ware to help put them over the top and win Super Bowl 50.

However, some will state getting the young and athletic draft pick will give the team a spark they need to completely rejuvenate the team.

There can be an argument made for both of these avenues being effective, but what will the Steelers do this offseason?

The answer might seem easy to some, but more factors need to be weighed before coming to your conclusion.

The biggest being the team’s salary cap space. Could they afford the high priced free agent who could be the difference maker, all while still having to pay Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell big money? I’m not so sure.

If they choose to go the NFL Draft route, picking at No. 30 in Round 1 certainly puts a damper on their hopes of finding an NFL-ready player on Day 1.

Veterans smarts vs. Youthful athleticism. A discussion worth having.

I discuss this more in the latest BTSC podcast “Steelers Hangout” above. Give it a listen in the player above, and follow all of the BTSC podcasts on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard", as well as on several podcast apps for Android users.


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