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BTSC Radio Wire: Going behind enemy lines to talk Steelers vs. Bears

With the Pittsburgh Steelers slated to play the Chicago Bears this week, BTSC was in high demand for podcast and radio opportunities. Check out some of the interviews from the week leading up to the game at Soldier Field.

NFL: Chicago Bears-Minicamp Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

As the editor of a website as large as this one, I’m contacted on a regular basis to do interviews with radio and on-air personalities from the city of the upcoming week’s opponent.

Leading up to Week 1, I did several radio interviews with everyone from SB Nation radio to a local Cleveland affiliate. When the team you write about is about to play a team like the Chicago Bears, there were plenty of calls and emails trying to lock up a spot to discuss the upcoming game at Soldier Field.

So I decided to start asking these fine folks if they could send me the interviews to be posted on BTSC and added to our iTunes account. (If you don’t follow us on iTunes, and you should, do so by searching ‘The Standard is the Standard’ in your iTunes library.)

Below you can hear interviews I did with Windy City Gridiron, Chicago Bears Review and Bears on Tap. All asked great questions and were tremendous to work with. Check out these radio and podcast spots. If you can’t listen below, for whatever reason, you can hear them all by clicking HERE.

(Editor’s Note: The Windy City Gridiron interview can be heard at the very beginning, and the rest is all Bears talk. The other two are just the interviews.)