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Podcast: Deciphering where the Steelers go from here

The crazy Week-3 game left fans with plenty of questions, like where does the team go from here? We discuss on the latest “Fact or Fiction” podcast.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Boy, oh boy!

A troubling loss on the road in Chicago might have some fans shaking in their boots, but that isn't the case for hosts Brian Hamlin and Zach Parnes. The duo will take you through last week and even preview a bit of next week’s game against Baltimore.

Was not taking the field for the national anthem the right decsion?

Does T.J. Watt mean more to this defense than we suspected?

All that and more here on the latest episode of “Fact or Fiction.”

If you missed the live show, you can access it via podcast in a number of ways — Our BlogTalkRadio page, on iTunes by searching “The Standard is the Standard”, on various podcast apps for android users, and in the player at the top of the page.


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