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The return of The Renegade looms over Steelers Week 4 game vs. Buccaneers

One of the most talked about features of Heinz Field is the defensive highlight package set to 70s rock classic The Renegade and played before key defensive moments in the second half of home games. It was absent in Week 1, will it be back today?

Gregory Shamus

The Steelers didn't have a defensive highlight reel to the tune of Styx's "The Renegade," a staple of the Heinz Field experience, during the team's Week 1 win over the Cleveland Browns. They could have used it a few times during that game, but the defense held on at the end anyway.

The theory is they were waiting to collect some 2014 highlights before unveiling it, largely because, as you can see in the video posted above, many of the players highlighted aren't with the Steelers anymore. The video was taken by BTSC's Christopher Carter and you may have heard his "HE CAUGHT THE BALL!" scream previously, as it was used in last year's highlight reel.

Makes sense. Here's hoping that's the case.

One who will be on this year's version, if there is one, is safety Will Allen, whose interception after this rendition of Renegade sealed a huge win over Detroit at a pivotal point in the Steelers' season. The 2013 Steelers struggled to take the ball away just like this year's team and needed all the big plays it could get.

Perhaps the return of the King of the Renegade, James Harrison, will inspire a few classic clips as well as some big plays on the field. It'll be a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh, only to be made better by the return of The Renegade. Let's relive it once more before the game.

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