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David DeCastro: Andrew Luck 'just trying to prove a point' with his flip-phone

The media has made a big deal out of Andrew Luck's usage of cellular technology, but his former teammate at Stanford, David DeCastro, is blowing the whistle on his flip-phone shenanigans.


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Pittsburgh Steelers guard David DeCastro were college teammates at Stanford. DeCastro says the two were, and still are, friends who communicate regularly. How they communicate seems to be a hot-button topic among the NFL media.

It was recently reported that Luck doesn't own a smartphone device, but still relies on the trusty flip-phones circa 2001.

"Yeah, he has a flip-phone. One of those little flip-phones. I still don't know what he's doing. I think at this point he is just trying to prove a point with it. He has an ipad and stuff, but whatever." DeCastro said after he was asked if the two still speak via the infamous flip-phone.

For some reason, the fact Luck uses similar technology to that of the 60+ age group in the United States has become a storyline, but what might be even more intriguing is the fact that DeCastro revealed Luck has an ipad.

So what Steelers' fans know now is that Luck indeed does still use a flip-phone, but isn't completely against the technological craze that's sweeping the globe. His use of an ipad defies that theory.

Whether the flip-phone has anything to do with the Colts' top ranked possession offense and a defense that gets off the field on third down better than any other team in the league has yet to be determined.

The Steelers will try to beat Andrew Luck, and his flip-phone this Sunday at Heinz Field with a kickoff at 4:25 p.m. ET.