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Mike Adams could get his first start of 2014 vs. Colts Sunday

Mike Adams hasn't had a cakewalk since being drafted in 2012, but the struggling offensive tackle could be making his first start of 2014 at right tackle for injured Marcus Gilbert.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Adams' NFL career hasn't been easy. Whether it was his failed drug test before the NFL Draft, begging the Steelers to select him, resembling a turnstile as a rookie or even the off-field incident in which Adams was stabbed.

All point to a young man that had some growing to do, both on and off of the field.

No matter how you view Mike Adams as a person, Mike Adams the player could be getting another chance to prove his worth this Sunday when he might make his first start of the 2014 season for the injured Marcus Gilbert.

Most Steelers fans cringe when the name Mike Adams is brought up, but Adams stepped in during the second quarter at the right tackle position and held his own against one of the best pass-rushers in the game today in J.J. Watt.

Regardless of how fans feel about Adams, his teammates in the locker room know what the young tackle is capable of on the field.

"Given the situation Mike has been through, including losing a starting spot and having such high expectations, he's worked his butt off," guard Ramon Foster told Ralph Paulk of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "It was good to see him catch his vibe."

"Mike did a great job blocking guys and knowing his assignments," Maurkice Pouncey said. "It put a light on all the guys in the room. You have to prove you can get it done. I hope he can build on it and play big for us this week."

Confidence is something Adams should have on his side this week after his performance Monday against the Houston Texans, not to mention the fact this presents an opportunity to show the coaches what he can do.

"I definitely think anytime you get into the game, you want to show what you can do," Adams said. "Coach (Mike) Tomlin stresses putting your resume on tape. It's a personal pride thing."

"I was pleased with how I played, but I really liked that we got a win," Adams continued. "Anything to help this team is all that matters to me."

Adams has the experience to get the job done, but his ability to put solid play on tape for four quarters is something he has yet to do during his young NFL career. Ultimately, winning is all that matters and Adams' ability to open up running lanes and protect Ben Roethlisberger may be a large factor in the game against a talented Indianapolis Colts defense.