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Which Dolphins player would you want on the Steelers roster?

The Miami Dolphins haven't quite yet put their enormous level of talent together for a string of success, but they aren't far from reaching that point. With lots of individual talent to farm here, it makes for one of the more interesting rosters in the league.

Joel Auerbach

Miami seems to be a team that largely hasn't reached its full potential. Kind of hard to do that with the amount of free agents they brought in, and allegations of offensive linemen abusing each other and such.

But it's a team that, right now, where the sum of its parts are greater than the sum of its whole.

In other words, they've got some choice candidates to magically transplant onto the Steelers' roster.

Ever since his outstanding performance against the Steelers last year, I've been a big Phillip Wheeler fan. It's not perhaps his best season ever, he's not far removed from a very strong season in 2012 while with the Raiders.

It appears BTSC draft favorite Dion Jordan is well on his way to the level of success we thought he'd have, when we mercilessly teased our audience that he may be available with the 17th pick. We were only 14 picks (and a trade up) off. Still, he has loads of potential, and is playing well in spot duty for Miami.

Richie Incognito...nah.

In fact, cut out all of the Dolphins' offensive line, except the Twin With The Healthy Knee, Mike Pouncey. The Steelers sure could use a center right about now.

Brent Grimes has to be a strong pick. After suffering back-to-back season-ending injuries (an ACL tear in 2011 and an Achilles rupture in 2012), he's playing at a high level for the Dolphins, who picked up the former Division II Shippensburg University standout this offseason.

One of the Out of Nowhere stories this season is the play of defensive end Olivier Vernon, who's applying a Worilds-esque tear through opposing right tackles. His partner in crime, Cameron Wake, is one of the best pass rushers over the last few seasons. Doesn't seem too hard to find either of thee guys a spot.

Lots of talented players on this team...which one are you putting on the Steelers?

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