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AFC Week 14 Playoff Picture: Which games to watch

The spotlight is on Pittsburgh at Miami, but all the contenders have important games - Baltimore, Tennessee, San Diego, Oakland and the Jets.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens currently hold the sixth-seed in the AFC playoffs, taking a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Miami Dolphins. The Steelers trail those teams by a game, and host the Dolphins Sunday, looking to get back into the race.

That makes their game the most intriguing in the playoff picture in Week 14.

Dolphins at Steelers

Both teams need to win to keep pace with the Ravens, who's schedule will get a bit tougher by the end of the year. The Steelers have won three straight at Heinz Field, and are 3.5 point favorites.

Vikings at Ravens

Minnesota is heading toward a top five draft pick, and have little to play for at this point in the season. Baltimore, riding a two-game winning streak, including a 22-20 win over the Steelers in Week 13, need to play above the level of their competition. Losing to the Vikings could be disastrous, considering they play three division leaders (Detroit, New England and Cincinnati) in their final four games.

Tennessee at Denver

Denver will likely coast through this game. A loss would pretty much flat-line the Titans chances, requiring a great deal of help to remain in contention come Week 17. Same would go for Pittsburgh and San Diego, as a loss would put all of them at 5-8, and in Pittsburgh's case, would look up at a 7-6 Dolphins team.

Giants at San Diego

The Chargers took a tough 17-10 loss at Cincinnati last week, but can right their ship a bit with a win over the surging Giants - even if it'd be an NFC win. A win keeps them alive.

Oakland at Jets

The Jets are in a freefall right now, having scored six points combined in their last two games, and having lost four of their last five. Once in pole position for that sixth seed, the Jets can still rebound with a victory - as hard as it seems to imagine them winning a game right now. So are the Raiders, though, and while a win keeps them competitive, they'll need a lot of help to get in at their best possible record, 8-8.

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