Orlando Pace Released!


If we sign him and LeCharles we will have the ultimate has-been o-line. Repeat here we come!!!

KDKA Radio reports Dan Rooney to accept Irish Ambassadorship


Better link when I can find one - only word right now is from Twitter. Old WaPo story here. Also has a story, but nothing more on the web. Post a link in the comments if you find one.

Dick LeBeau Interview


Take a listen to The Godfather of defense on KKFN in Denver This is a GREAT interview. It really is no wonder why his players love Coach Dad.

Fox close to being signed


great news from Dale Lolley that Keyaron Fox is close to being signed - hopefully it's for 3-4 years and not too much money.

Interview with Harrison's Agent


A local Pittsburgh reporter gives an inside look on Harrison's contract negotiations by interviewing his agent

Ravens Re-Sign Ray Lewis


Ray Lewis has re-signed with the team that originally drafted him in 1996. They also signed free agent center Matt Birk, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings.

Browns Trade Rumor : Jay Cutler


"Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers to Denver for Jay Cutler and a third-round draft choice." While this is probably not true the funniest part of the article is that the writer thinks the Browns would be getting ripped off.

I cannot believe this, sometimes I wonder about the FO! The artilce below states the Deebo and...


I cannot believe this, sometimes I wonder about the FO! The artilce below states the Deebo and FO can't come together on a number, which according to " And while Parise did not reveal a number, you would have to believe it's above $20 million in guaranteed dollars. " Cant we do that? I think Deebo wanted 5-6yrs or 4Mil per? WTF-does the FO really believe he not worth it?

Max Starks Audio Interview


Steel Curtain Radio, a steeler podcast (for a steeler nation), lands an interview with Max Starks. Great to see the homegrown media get this kind of access.