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More than a hand full of weeks ago I posted a FanShot burying Ben Roethlisberger and his diminishing QB skills but while also saying if Ben was able to turn around his play for the better I would come back here and post a mea-culpa* Well I'm back and I'm issuing an apology to Big Ben. His skills are skill diminished and he's obviously not the player he used to be but this redemption-retirement tour he's been on the last month of this '21 season is still going and its because 'Ben is THAT DUDE' Who knows when the end of the road will pop-up but like I've said to many Steeler fans I've run into on the streets, lets enjoy Ben while we still have him...see you in Kansas City!

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Week 18 was unlike anything you've ever seen...


We all can watch NFL football for the next 30 years and we'll never see again a series of end of the regular season games that transpired during the final week of the 2021 season. The nail-biting overtimes involving Steeler-Ravens and Raiders-Chargers with the Playoff-Entry cloud hanging heavy over each was the creme-de la-creme!!!

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Big Ben is All in....are you?


These last 4 regular season games of the 2021 season should be very fun to watch as we most likely are witnessing the final chapter of Ben Roethlisberger's Football career. We all know he's going to leave it all out on the field, regardless-win or lose, as he tries to Will this team to a playoff berth. The only question is will his teammates join him in making one last run for the Lombardi...we'll see!

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Why is he on the practice squad?


Marcus Rush has the highest Pass Rush Productivity of any edge defender this preseason. #49ers (min 50% snaps)

— Pro Football Focus (@PFF) September 1, 2016 Twitter

Steelers Roundtable podcast from Trib Live's The Steel Mill


The Steelers Roundtable on TribLive Radio featuring Mark Kaboly, Ralph Paulk and Chris Adamski, shares insight behind the Steelers' team MVP.

Kaboly: Steelers Roundtable Podcast now available | The Steel Mill

Ben's play


Terrible performance in yet another game needed and should have win. Roethlisberger has two or three games like this every season. This is truly inexcusable. Can we please stop trying call him elite. Elite is the two QB's playing in Green Bay today.


Troy on becoming Steelers captain


Troy P on becoming first-time Steelers captain: It’s best to represent the team when you're walking out for the coin toss at a Super Bowl.

— Ed Bouchette(@EdBouchette) September 1, 2014 Ed Bouchette via Twitter