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2014 Steelers Fantasy Football: Interview with Razzball

Fantasy Football is coming up, and Razzball wanted the inside scoop on how the Steelers will perform this season.

Joe Sargent

The good folks at wanted to know what was going on inside the Pittsburgh Steelers from a Fantasy Football perspective, so they threw some questions at me.

I provided them with a few things that appear to be valid answers - without pointing out my recent struggles within Fantasy Football. That said, this is, all around, one of the best offenses the Steelers have had in quite a while, and very well could produce a few Fantasy machines.

Read my answers to their questions here, but as you prepare for your upcoming draft, remember, the key is opportunity. Le'Veon Bell will get a lot of opportunity. So will Antonio Brown. But prime Vulture Candidate LeGarrette Blount waits in the wings, as does Lance Moore, so when you're considering Steelers players, the key will be match-ups; those, among all other things, will determine opportunity.

Still, Brown and Bell will be the keys to this team this year. What about Ben? Read and find out.