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Steelers Fantasy Football 2014: Hidden in all the smoke of the preseason is Le'Veon Bell in Week 1

Le'Veon Bell has looked pretty solid this preseason, and he'll make his first-ever Week 1 start when the Steelers take on the Browns Sunday.

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Justin K. Aller

In case you didn't notice, and judging by the arrests and general wackiness coming from the defensive side of the ball, you didn't, Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell looked strong in his preseason action, and assuming he won't be suspended for Week 1, could be a primary weapon for the Steelers as they take on the defensively-stout Cleveland Browns in Week 1.

Cleveland may not score many points, but they won't allow a ton either, and could give Bell a hard-fought battle. His versatility will be key, as the Steelers are likely to see a lot of long downs.

Bell's best weapon - and the one not shared by backfield mate and permanent shotgun-rider LeGarrette Blount - is Bells' ability as a receiver. Splitting him out of the backfield, particularly in any kind of package with rookie Dri Archer, gives the Steelers a wide variety of options from the guy they ran as the quarterback on a few plays last season.

What kind of production would be seen as a solid start to the Fantasy season for Bell? Rushing won't come easy against Cleveland, but if he can get around 80-90 yards and another 40 in the air along with a touchdown, owners will be happy with the likely second-round pick they used on him. The biggest question owners had about him, pre-Ross Township incident, was probably how many touches Blount might take away from them. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is known to go with the hot hand, so there's a possibility Bell and Blount are going "puff, puff, give" for parts of the game, but Bell will be featured in the passing game as well.

Cleveland's a tough match-up but I think somewhere around 100 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown are realistic expectations for Bell in his first-ever Week 1 game.

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