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Fantasy Football: Who to Start and Sit in Steelers vs Seahawks Week 12

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a huge game Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. See who you should start and sit on your fantasy football lineups for the black and gold.

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Welcome to Week 12. The Steelers face a tough task, with many interesting matchups when they forge their way to the Pacific Northwest. With the regular season winding down in Fantasy, consider the following analysis in determining who to start, who to leave on your bench and who to cut on your push yo the playoffs.

Keep in mind that fantasy numbers were averaged using stats from ESPN Fantasy, Yahoo Fantasy and Fantasy.

QB Ben Roethlisberger
Week 10 Passing Stats: 22/33 379 yards 3 TD/1 INT
2015 Passing Stats: 141/211 yards 1,887 yards 66.8% 10 TD/7 INT

Average Position Rank: 27
Previous Position Rank: 30

2015 Average Total Points: 108.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 18.1
Week 10 Average Points: 26.8
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 15.6

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Roethlisberger will face his toughest secondary when he visits Seattle for the first time in his career. The Legion of Boom are an accomplished group, but Brown and Bryant can't both be doubled-up. With so much attention being paid to the Killer B's, Markus Wheaton and Heath Miller could get sound good looks. He's not going to have blockbuster numbers, but they will be better than most alternatives.

RB Deangelo Williams
Week 10 Rushing Stats: 17 carries/54 yards 3.2 ypc/0 TD
2015 Rushing Stats: 107 carries/534yards 5.0 ypc/5 TD

Week 10 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/1 receptions/15 yards 15 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 14 targets/11 receptions/82 yards 7.5 ypc

Average Position Rank: 11
Previous Position Rank: 12

2015 Average Total Points: 103
2015 Average Points Per Game: 10.3
Week 10 Average Points: 7.2
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 13.1

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Seattle is ranked tenth against the rush, but the Steelers are the sixth-best in the league running the ball. That's mostly due to D-Will. When he starts, he's one of the league's most productive backs in 2015. I can't imagine you having anyone better on your roster to relegate Williams to the bench.

WR Antonio Brown
Week 10 Receiving Stats: 14 targets/10 receptions/139 yards 13.9 ypc/2 TD
2015 Receiving Statfs: 114 targets/79 receptions/1141 yards 14.4 six ypc/5 TD

Average Position Rank: 1
Previous Position Rank: 3

2015 Average Total Points: 172.6
2015 Average Points Per Game: 17.3
Week 10 Average Points: 30.6
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 16.2

Verdict: Start

Analysis: This man is on fire. If you even wonder whether to start him regardless of the opponent, your team is probably not in the playoff hunt.

WR Martavis Bryant
Week 10 Receiving Stats: 10 targets/6 receptions/178 yards 29.67 ypc/1 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 42 targets/22 receptions/440 yards 20.0 ypc/5 TD

Average Position Rank: 31
Previous Position Rank: 44

2015 Average Total Points: 80.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 16.1
Week 10 Average Points: 23.6
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 10.5

Verdict: Start

Analysis: The guy has 13 touchdowns in 15 career games. He's an end zone magnet.

WR Markus Wheaton
Week 10 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/2 receptions/18 yards 9 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 32 targets/16 receptions/273 yards 18.2 ypc/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 75
Previous Position Rank: 75

2015 Average Total Points: 40.1
2015 Average Points Per Game: 4.0
Week 10 Average Points: 2.4
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 4.3

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: I'm tempted to give Markus a look this week due to the fact that a lot of attention is going to be paid to Brown and Bryant. It could be advantageous for Wheaton. But I've been for many a time this year with #11 and I can't recommend it.

TE Heath Miller
Week 10 Receiving Stats: 7 targets/4 receptions/40 yards 10 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 50 targets/34 receptions 345 yards 10.1 ypc/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 18
Previous Position Rank: 18

2015 Average Total Points: 52.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 5.3
Week 10 Average Points: 5.2
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 7.5

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Like the Steelers, Seattle has not defended the TE well. Especially good ones. Could be a big week for Heath.

K Chris Boswell
Week 10 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 3/3 100% Extra Points 1/2 50%
2015 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 14/15 93.3% Extra Points 10/11 90.9%

Average Position Rank: 25
Previous Position Rank: 27

2015 Average Total Points: 56
2015 Average Points Per Game: 9.3
Week 10 Average Points: 10
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 7.4

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: The Steelers have so much faith in their short-yardage, passing efficiency that they take opportunities off of the table for Boswell.

Steelers D/ST
Week 10 Defense/Special Teams Stats

Week 10 Total Yards Allowed: 342
Week 10 Rushing Yards Allowed: 15
Week 10 Passing Yards Allowed: 327
Week 10 Sacks: 5
Week 10  Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries: 5/3
Week 10 Interceptions: 1
Week 10 Kick Returns/Yards/YPR/Touchdowns: 4/83 20.8 YPR/0 TD
Week 10 Punt Returns/Yards/YPR/Touchdowns: 3/2 0.66 YPR/ 0 TD

2015 Points Allowed: 19.1 PPG (#5)
2015 Total Yards Allowed: 371.4 YPG (#22)
2015 Rushing Yards Allowed: 93.0 YPG (#5)
2015 Passing Yards Allowed: 278.4 YPG (#27)
2015 Sacks: 28 (#4)
2015 Interceptions: 9 (#11-tied)
2015 Kick Returns/Yards/Touchdowns: 19/259 24.2 YPR/ 0 TD
2015 Punt Returns/Yards/Touchdowns: 15/109 7.27 YPR/ 0 TD

Average Position Rank: 8
Previous Position Rank: 8

2015 Average Total Points: 75
2015 Average Points Per Game: 7.5
Week 10 Average Points: 16
Week 12 Average Projected Points: 7.3

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls, Tyler Lockett and Jimmy Graham are going to put up points. I don't like the matchup this week.