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Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit for the Steelers vs. the Broncos in Week 15

You might be in your Fantasy Football playoffs, see who you should start and sit for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 15.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports
Welcome to Week 15. The Steelers face a conference foe that will provide difficult matchups. With playoffs in full force in virtually every league, use this as a reference of what Steelers you should start and which ones to sit.

Keep in mind that fantasy numbers were averaged using stats from ESPN Fantasy, Yahoo Fantasy and Fantasy.

QB Ben Roethlisberger

Week 14 Passing Stats: 30/39 282 yards 0 TD/1 INT
2015 Passing Stats: 231/344 yards 2989 yards 67.2% 15 TD/10 INT

Previous Position Rank: 22
Average Position Rank: 22

2015 Average Total Points: 173.6
2015 Average Points Per Game: 19.3
Week 14 Average Points: 9.6
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 17.9

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Roethlisberger faces the top defense in the league. Last week against Cincy, he didn't break 10 points. If you don't have a good QB2, give him a go. But it is the playoffs and less than 10 from your gun can blow up in your face.

RB Deangelo Williams

14 Rushing Stats: 26 carries/134 yards 5.2 ypc/0 TD
2015 Rushing Stats: 164 carries/773 yards 4.7 ypc/8 TD

Week 14 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/2 receptions/15 yards 6.0 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 33 targets/27 receptions/271 yards 10.0 ypc

Previous Position Rank: 9
Average Position Rank: 8

2015 Average Total Points: 160.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 12.5
Week 14 Average Points: 21.7
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 14.8

Verdict: Start

Analysis: He is the #8 back in all of fantasy against the league's third-best defense against the run. He may not break 100 yards, but he is always a threat to have a multi-TD game.

WR Antonio Brown

Week 14 Receiving Stats: 10 targets/7 receptions/87 yards 12.1 ypc/0 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 137 targets/93 receptions/1,310 yards 14.1 ypc/7 TD

Previous Position Rank: 1
Average Position Rank: 2

2015 Average Total Points: 222.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 17.1
Week 14 Average Points: 10.8
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 16.2

Verdict: Start

Analysis: I don't care if the opponent is the 1985 Chicago Bears. He's Antonio Brown.

WR Martavis Bryant

Week 14 Receiving Stats: 8 targets/4 receptions/114 yards 28.67 ypc/1 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 63 targets/31 receptions/623 yards 20.1 ypc/6 TD

Previous Position Rank: 27
Average Position Rank: 28

2015 Average Total Points: 121.9
2015 Average Points Per Game: 15.2
Week 14 Average Points: 7.1
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 11.8

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: I am worried about Martavis this week against Aquib Talib. He has had dropsies the past few weeks and this is a defense that doesn't give many second chances.

WR Markus Wheaton

Week 14 Receiving Stats: 6 targets/3 receptions/50 yards 16.7 ypc/1 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 51 targets/28 receptions/524 yards 18.7 ypc/3 TD

Previous Position Rank: 52
Average Position Rank: 50

2015 Average Total Points:  88.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 6.3
Week 14 Average Points: 7.7
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 4.8

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Markus is making the Steeler receiving corps a dangerous triple-threat as of late. But against Cincy he didn't put up the kind of fantasy numbers that you need from your WR in the playoffs. Expect more of that this week.

TE Heath Miller

Week 14 Receiving Stats: DNP
2015 Receiving Stats: 56 targets/39 receptions 390  yards 10 ypc/1 TD

Previous Position Rank: 23
Average Position Rank: 23

2015 Average Total Points: 68.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 5.7
Week 14 Average Points: 9.8
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 9

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Miller had 10 catches on 10 targets last week at Cincinnati. Look for Ben to look his way, especially against a tough Denver D.

K Chris Boswell

Week 14 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 3/4 75% Extra Points 4/4 100%
2015 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 20/22 90.9% Extra Points 15/16 93.8%

Previous Position Rank: 21
Average Position Rank: 16

2015 Average Total Points: 100
2015 Average Points Per Game: 11.1
Week 14 Average Points: 18
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 7.7

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Boswell gets more opportunities against tough defenses due to scoring difficulties in the Red Zone. The Steeler kicker may have a busy toe on Sunday.

Steelers D/ST

Previous Position Rank: 8
Average Position Rank: 5

2015 Average Total Points: 108
2015 Average Points Per Game: 8.3
Week 14 Average Points: 15
Week 15 Average Projected Points: 7.7

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Osweiler holds the ball a long time and his line is leaky. Sacks and picks may come the Steeler way.