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Fantasy Football: Ranking mid-tier running backs 16-30

Knowing the stars is important, but knowing which players to boost your depth is essential to surviving the long fantasy season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we've covered all your primary starting positions with our fantasy rankings, the BTSC fantasy team is going to start digging into the harder lists to make as we start listing the depth players.

These are the players that you will be trying to grab after the first three rounds fly by and you start looking to build your bench. If you read our draft policies and procedures article last month, you would know you should be focusing on developing a strong rotation of second string players instead of trying to fillout your starting lineup with tight ends, kickers and defenses.

Below are our lists of which running backs we would rate below the 1-15 group, as we rank which running backs would make for great RB2 and flex options for your fantasy teams going into 2015.

These lists took a little longer than our scheduled plan originally slated it for, so we skipped doing the APDPA stat for calculating playoff strengths and weaknesses in each player's schedules.

Dani Bostick

Player 2014 Points
16 Lamar Miller 185.4
17 Mark Ingram 162.9
18 Melvin Gordon Rookie
19 Jonathan Stewart 121
20 Frank Gore 147.7
21 Ameer Abdullah Rookie
22 Carlos Hyde 62.1
23 Latavius Murray 68.7
24 CJ Spiller 46.5
25 Chris Ivory 134.4
26 Darren McFadden 84.6
27 Shane Vereen 113.8
28 Giovani Bernard 144.9
29 Andre Ellington 131.5
30 Tevin Coleman Rookie

Notes: With later-round RBs, the hope is that there will be a sleeper in the mix. This is list is made out of former strong-performers past their prime and a few newer guys that could be poised for a breakout season.

Jeff Hartman:

Player 2014 Points
16 Lamar Miller 185.4
17 Jonathan Stewart 121
18 Frank Gore 147.7
19 Giovani Bernard 144.9
20 Isaiah Crowell 113.4
21 C.J. Spiller 46.5
22 Darren McFadden 84.6
23 Reggie Bush 67
24 Alfred Blue 82.1
25 Shane Vereen 113.8
26 Ryan Matthews 57.9
27 Doug Martin 67.8
28 LeGarrette Blount 90.1
29 Andre Ellington 131.5
30 Latavius Murray 68.7

Notes: Picking those backup running backs in the late rounds of your draft can be difficult. Diamonds are to be had in the rough, but you have to make sure you do your homework. For instance, Arian Foster's injured groin is a great opportunity for a running back like Alfred Blue to get more touches, and you more points. Don't sleep on a player like Darren McFadden in Dallas. When healthy he was incredibly effective for Oakland, and behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL he could put up huge numbers. The gamble is his health. Look at the system these backs play in as well. Cleveland is not going to throw the ball 40+ times a game whether Manziel or McCown is the quarterback, so going with a team that likes to pound the rock is never a bad things in the late rounds. Needless to say, if you are having any of these backs as your premiere backs on your are in trouble.

Christopher Carter

Player 2014 Points
16 Melvin Gordon Rookie
17 Lamar Miller 185.4
18 Jonathan Stewart 121
19 Andre Ellington 131.5
20 Latavius Murray 68.7
21 Carlos Hyde 62.1
22 Giovani Bernard 144.9
23 Darren Sproles 107.6
24 LeGarrette Blount 90.1
25 Joseph Randle 202.9
26 Christopher Ivory 134.4
27 Rashad Jennings 54.6
28 Tevin Coleman Rookie
29 Isaiah Crowell 117.4
30 TJ Yeldon Rookie

Notes: Melvin Gordon is the rookie I have for getting a lot of targets and being a sleeper pick for a solid RB2 on most teams. Andre Ellington, if he remains healthy, will also be a solid option and could even earn a solid spot as your consistent starter. However his injury last season puts a caution sign on him for drafts, so he doesn't rise to the top 15. Bernard and Sproles are both fast second options on their teams that will make them solid pickups for your rotation of running backs.