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Sign up for one of the BTSC Fantasy Football Leagues

We're hosting fantasy football here with BTSC, come and join the fun!

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

So if you've been listening to the SteelCast podcast featuring myself with Dani Bostick, we always make sure to include fantasy football discussions in each of our shows. There's only a few weeks left before the season starts so it's about draft time.

We've been releasing our own lists of who we think are the best fantasy options at each position to draft, but we're by no means any more fantasy gurus than anyone else who loves football, crunches stats and studies the game.

So keeping that in mind, we definitely want to see who all in our BTSC family wants to play some fantasy football this season!

As the season rolls along our podcasts and articles will be sure to tout the successes of the best teams in our league(s) and which decisions were the best on draft day, as well as your decisions to start and sit certain players as they face different opponents.

The league size will be determine by how many of you apply and we can have more than one if need be. We are looking to do 12 person leagues with standard rosters and PPR scoring standards. So just to make sure everyone knows by what we mean is standard, this is what each roster will have

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
6 Bench

If you're interested in joining a league with us, even if you're not a BTSC regular or a Steelers fan, feel free to join! You can do so by either leaving a comment with your email below. You can also send me an email at

Just be sure to do the following:

  1. TITLE the subject: "BTSC Fantasy Football Registration" *if using email;
  2. Please identify yourself via your BTSC user name;
  3. Please indicate whether you would want to be in a smaller or a larger league. If we get an uneven amount of registrants we may need to make one league smaller than others. This way we can stick to your preference;
  4. If you want to be in a league with a friend of yours that you buddy up with a lot in the comment sections, please be sure to note your request in the e-mail/comment, who your buddy is and have them do the same for you. Not all requests may be possible to be fulfilled, but we will do our best;
  5. Please indicate if you would like to be included as a guest on our podcast show SteelCast throughout the season when we do our fantasy football segments;
  6. What days/times you are most available to participate in a draft, so that we can also use that as a method of forming leagues with people whom have similar schedules;
  7. Be ready for an invite to be sent to the e-mail address which your registration request is sent from.
Once we get a collection of people who want to do the league, we'll divide the group up into sizeable leagues and send out e-mails to the groups that are formed. We will quickly try to arrange the best common time for the draft date/time of each league.

Our aimed draft dates would ideally be between August 30 and September 9th. August 29th is the last day of the third week of the preseason, which is the last week you can expect most starters to see time in the preseason and therefore have a confident sense of who is and isn't injured. September 10th is the first game of the season so the latest we would want to draft is September 9th.

Please be sure to get your registration in ASAP. Especially before August 30th because we hope to begin drafting around that time.

Football is back!!