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Fantasy Football: Steelers dominate early ESPN rankings at skill positions

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be sporting a prolific offense in 2016, and their play makers are well represented in ESPN's first 2016 Fantasy Football rankings.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't a secret the Pittsburgh Steelers possess an offense which could be a Top 5 unit in the NFL in 2016. However, as was evident in 2015, the health of their playmakers remains to be the constant issue with the success, or demise, of this offensive unit.

The Steelers' offense is the strength of their team, and they are anchored by high profile players at the skill positions. Everyone who follows the NFL knows their names. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, DeAngelo Williams and even Martavis Bryant. When Matthew Berry of ESPN produced his first Fantasy Football rankings for the 2016 season, it was no surprise the Steelers dominated the skill position rankings.

At the running back position, it is Le'Veon Bell as the top-ranked running back, in terms of fantasy football, and it speaks highly of the back as he will be recovering from a torn MCL, as well as other knee damage, when he returns to the field next season. However, Bell wasn't the only Steelers player to make Berry's Top 50, as DeAgelo Williams also made the list at No. 47.

ESPN's Top 10 Running Backs:
1. Le'Veon Bell
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Todd Gurley
4. Jamaal Charles
5. David Johnson
6. Thomas Rawls
7. Doug Martin
8. LeSean McCoy
9. Devonta Freeman
10. Lamar Miller

It was more of the same with the wide receiver rankings. Antonio Brown was the best of the best, according to ESPN's fantasy rankings, but like Bell with the running back rankings, Brown wasn't alone. Martavis Bryant is ranked as the 17th best fantasy wide receiver in the early projections.

ESPN's Top 10 Wide Receivers:
1. Antonio Brown
2. Odell Beckham Jr.
3. Julio Jones
4. Dez Bryant
5. DeAndre Hopkins
6. A.J. Green
7. Allen Robinson
8. Alshon Jeffery
9. Brandon Marshall
10. Demaryius Thomas

Not that Steelers fans need something to complain about, but if they did want to have a gripe with these rankings it would be where Ben Roethlisberger is ranked among the NFL's elite quarterbacks. Granted, Roethlisberger's fantasy value isn't going to surpass a player like Cam Newton, but there is certainly an argument to be made of his 7th place ranking when two of his best weapons are considered the very best at their position.

ESPN's Top 10 Quarterbacks:
1. Cam Newton
2. Tom Brady
3. Aaron Rodgers
4. Russell Wilson
5. Andrew Luck
6. Drew Brees
7. Ben Roethlisberger 
8. Carson Palmer
9. Blake Bortles 
10. Tony Romo

As if you needed a reminder of how great the Steelers offense could be in 2016, these rankings certainly do back up the notion of a top tier unit when the 2016 rolls around.