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Come play some football in the Official BTSC Fantasy Football league

It is time for football, but not just the kind you watch on the gridiron, but also for those who love Fantasy Football! Be a part of this year's Official BTSC Fantasy Football league!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation, and in part BTSC, has paired up with Yahoo! Fantasy Football again this year.

I have created a BTSC league that you can access right here. The draft is in about two weeks (August 25 at 7 p.m. EDT).

Come join it! This is for serious Fantasy Footballers as there are 14 teams, so talent will be extremely thin. I won't have this league be my 'AuotDraft' league (where no one drafts live, but plays their season with the team the computers pick for you). This league is first come, first serve!

That league will likely fill up quickly so if folks in the comments can create their own leagues so that we can determine the fantasy king or queen of BTSC that would be awesome.

This might be the one league you participate in with nothing but Pittsburgh Steelers fans. So, if you were planning on trying to somehow sneak DeAngelo Williams on your team in the 3rd round, he might not be available with Le'Veon Bell's potential suspension.

So, sign up for some Yahoo! Fantasy Football!