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Max Starks has not spoken with the Steelers

The Steelers oft-signed left tackle Max Starks says he hasn't heard from his former team despite the recent injury of Levi Brown.

Gregory Shamus
It's obligatory to mention the current status of former Steelers offensive tackle Max Starks any time a Steelers offensive linemen will be out for a signifcant period of time.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, Starks hasn't heard from the Steelers.

“They drafted two guys pretty high,” Starks said on The Fan Morning Show. “They don’t see me as an option for the future.”

Starks also mentioned he feels confident Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger put in a good word for him, but acknowledged the decision is not held by either himself or the team's franchise quarterback.

Starks has been released by both San Diego and St. Louis this season, and said he expects to get a call from another team at some point this year.

The Steelers placed Levi Brown on injured-reserve this week, likely ensuring second-year utility lineman Kelvin Beachum will remain the team's starting left tackle. Mike Adams was benched and deactivated after a rough performance through the first four games this season.

Starks has bailed the Steelers out previously - in each of the last two seasons, in fact. He was signed four games into the 2011 season, shoring up a rocky spot at left tackle, and was brought in at the end of training camp in 2012, starting all 16 games last year.

The Steelers appear to be holding firm, not dipping back into the old habit of running to Starks each time a left tackle experiment fails.

But the season is still young. Starks realizes that, and is staying in shape, in case history repeats itself.

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