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Steelers Shaun Suisham named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Suisham earns his fourth Player of the Week award after drilling game-winner in Week 7.

Vincent Pugliese
Hit a game-winning field goal against the Ravens, get named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

That's how it works for Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham.

He buried a 42-yard field goal against Baltimore in Week 7, giving the Steelers their second win of the season, as time expired. He hit three other field goals in the game, paving his way for the top special teams player in the conference.

He received the honor after hitting a game-winner against the Ravens in Baltimore in Week 13 of the 2012 season as well.

Suisham also won the award for a game-winning field goal over Philadelphia in Week 5 last year.

Since the start of the 2012 season, Suisham has hit 42 of 45 field goals. Of the three he missed, two came from 50 or more yards, and one was blocked. He's a perfect 17-for-17 from the 40-49 yard range over the last 22 games.