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Roethlisberger likes the glimpses he's seeing of Bell

After watching the rookie score twice in his NFL debut, Ben Roethlisberger commented on the progress Le'Veon Bell has been making.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a while since the Steelers have seen any consistency from a running back on the team. Maybe that has led Ben Roethlisberger to make a stretch of a comparison of Le'Veon Bell with Adrian Peterson.

To be fair, Roethlisberger would only say that Bell showed glimpses of skills that Peterson has. But this isn't just about how Bell ran for two touchdowns against the Vikings; this is also how Bell is doing the little things right.

No. 7 has been struggling to find any remote from of a pocket from Pittsburgh pass protection, so any help would be appreciated. Bell did help in that regard, consistently finding his assignment in the protection scheme to help Roethlisberger have more time to find open targets.

Pretty much every Steelers fan has been waiting for Bell to come in and bring back a strong rushing attack to the Steelers' offense; but what may be one of the more unsung contributions he can bring to the field is his ability to fulfill his responsibilities as a whole. It's great to have a strong runner, but a halfback who can effectively block in coordination with a protection as a rookie may show promise of fitting into the system.

That's what Roethlisberger likes most from Bell, that the game "didn't seem to big for him." As the Steelers start to rotate in their next generation of players, it's going to take more players who quickly adapt to the NFL's fast paced style of play. Not just in terms of how physically fast players are, but how quickly a player must discern what their assignment is upon an adjustment.

If Bell can continue to show those glimpses that Roethlisberger speaks of, and make them more consistent, he can become a leader in the youth movement that is needed in Pittsburgh among their latest top draft picks.

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