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Angle from KDKA video shows Tomlin take a full step toward field

Video released Monday from the opposite end zone as Jacoby Jones' kick return shows Steelers coach Mike Tomlin take a shuffle step toward the edge of the white stripe on the sideline, and remain there, until Jones got close to him.

Rob Carr

Uh oh.

Judging by video shot and recently released by KDKA in Pittsburgh, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin's stance of unintentionally getting in the way of Ravens returner Jacoby Jones may be a bit harder to believe.

In the video,which runs through the entire kickoff from the opposite end zone to where Jones was running, Tomlin can be seen on the sideline taking a step to the right, onto the field of play, as he's watching the video screen in the end zone.

We'll leave it to you to weigh in on the rest of it, but odds are outstanding the NFL has this film in their possession, and while it's a foregone conclusion to most Tomlin and the Steelers will receive some kind of punishment for it (Tomlin claims he did not do it intentionally), initial reports of the possibility of suspensions and forfeiture of draft picks may not be as ridiculous as initially thought.

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