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Steelers on syndicated radio this season

The Steelers are one of five teams that ESPN Radio will cover in national syndication in 2013. Games will be broadcast outside the local markets.


Steelers fans out of the Pittsburgh area can be excited this season.

They'll have an alternative to watching streaming graphics that don't refresh consistently on game days. The Steelers are one of five teams that will have their games nationally broadcast on ESPN Radio.

While the 6,000 Mike & Mike commercials may get tedious, it's still nice to have an alternative to inconsistent, and in some cases, illegal, methods to watch games that aren't nationally televised.

The Jets, Giants, Dolphins and Patriots are the other four teams involved in this new venture. ESPN Radio hasn't done NFL broadcasts before. According to Alan Robinson of the Tribune-Review (posted in the Morning Call of Lehigh Valley), ESPN analysts Herm Edwards, Bill Polian and Damien Woody will each work several games.