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Lawrence Timmons' European Tour and thoughts on Penguins goalie situation

Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons comments on the Penguins chances in the Eastern Conference finals as well as a recent trip to Europe.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Post-Gazette online editor Dan Gigler gets to the heart of what is buzzing in Pittsburgh right now. It's a rare position of superiority for the Penguins - or any other team - to push the spotlight off the Steelers, but their upcoming Eastern Conference Finals series against the Boston Bruins does exactly that.

But Gigler splits it down the middle by asking a Steelers player his thoughts on the upcoming series, with Game 1 starting at 8 p.m. ET Saturday.

"(Marc-Andre) Fleury has done so much for us, but you can't really switch up things right now," Timmons told Gigler in regards to the Pens continuing to start Tomas Vokoun in nets. "I'm not a hockey coach at all, but it's the playoffs. You gotta go with what's winning now and we got a great coach (Dan Bylsma), so - he knows what he's doing."

He also mentioned Timmons' 2013 European Tour (which may or may not have been similar to Rusty The European Tour), during which he mentions that he basically saw anything in Europe that would catch the attention of an American tourist. He even hung out at La Boticella, the famous Steelers bar in Rome.

Gigler asked Timmons, a Florida State product, about rookie linebacker and fellow Seminole Vince Williams.

"He looks like a smart player. He's very gifted with his athletic ability and I'm starting to get excited to see what he's going to do in camp."