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BTSC speaks with Baltimore Sports and Life

BTSC managing editor Neal Coolong talks Steelers with Ravens Rap and Baltimore Sports and Life.

Karl Walter

I spoke with Ravens Rap hosts Matt Jergensen and Mike Randall Thursday on their podcast, which can be found here, or on their site, Baltimore Sports and Life.

They do good work, and it's a solid read top to bottom. The podcast is good, except the parts where I'm speaking, but I give them my thoughts on the Steelers offseason, what we can expect from the Steelers offense and defense this year, and a few gratuitous shots at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Why? I fit the moment well, I suppose.

The Steelers are amid a transformation, one which I feel won't be fully recognizable until the season starts. The somewhat surprising (and welcomed) retention of Larry Foote and Ramon Foster, along with the re-signing of former castoffs William Gay and Matt Spaeth show the Steelers are committed to what has made them successful in the past, but the clear emphasis on outside zone running and playmaking on defense shows the team is moving in a new direction as well.

Give it a listen, let us know what you think.