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Former Steelers wide receiver Nate Washington likens Jake Locker to Ben Roethlisberger

Despite recent negative reports surrounding the development of Titans quarterback Jake Locker, former Steelers and current Titans wide receiver Nate Washington throws out a shout of support for his embattled passer.


The list of NFL wide receivers who have played with Ben Roethlisberger at one point in their careers is growing. They all collectively enjoy comparing their current quarterbacks to Roethlisberger (except Jets WR Santonio Holmes).

Most recently, Titans WR Nate Washington sees similarities between Titans third-year passer Jake Locker and Roethlisberger - specifically, their playmaking ability.

"I was there in Ben's second year, and right away you kind of understood that even in his second year, he was gonna be a good quarterback, a guy that could make plays. That's the same thing with Jake," Washington told Titan Insider writer Terry McCormick. "He's a guy who can make plays. I tell everybody all the time, this is football, and it's a gladiator sport, but it's not a dumb man's sport."

This report comes quickly after ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski said Locker "has a long way to go" on his QB Countdown show, ranking Locker 31st in the league.

Washington more or less defends Locker's progression after his first two seasons in the league.

"There are a lot of things out there that you have to learn. You're not just gonna go out there and run faster than everybody else or be the strongest man on the field and win. You've got to think with your head a lot, and especially at his position, he's gonna touch the ball every single play. He has a lot to worry about and a lot on his shoulders, but he's grown with his thoughts and he's grown with his mentality toward the game and understanding a lot, and we just have to make sure we do what we can to help him out."