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Police report filed in Adams' stabbing incident suggests huge level of danger

Adams was punched from behind and stabbed while a gun was in his face. He also challenged the would-be robbers, telling them they wouldn't shoot him in front of a crowd.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The police report filed by officers on the scene of the stabbing of Steelers offensive lineman Mike Adams suggests a far more dangerous situation than even could be expected took place.

Adams was punched from behind by one of the alleged perpetrators, the one they arrested, Michael C. Paranay, while a second man held a gun in his face and the third stabbed him.

As written by Pro Football Talk:

According to the report, Adams left a restaurant and was walking to his truck when the three men approached. One pulled a gun and demanded the vehicle, to which Adams replied: "You aren't going to shoot me on the street in front of people." The gunman said, "I want your car or I'll shoot you in the face and kill you in front of everyone

It's impossible to judge Adams' decision to challenge the perpetrator, considering he had a gun in his face, but it still seems like an incredibly daring action to take.

At the same time, Adams did not have the keys to the truck they wanted to take. The report also indicates Adams would eventually chase after the three of them, further suggesting he really did not feel what would likely be considered by a rational person a sense of significant danger.

How does one react in a situation like that? Scores of self-made experts have weighed in with their opinion (including myself) to how Adams should have acted, but while facing three criminals brandishing weapons, and without being able to furnish what they are demanding, what are your options, if not to try to fight back?

It was certainly a dangerous situation, and while we hope Adams recovers physically with enough time to continue improving on a career we feel will be outstanding in Pittsburgh, here's to the hope he is able to heal mentally and emotionally as well, because that had to be beyond a traumatic experience.