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Foote says he didn't take Mike Wallace's comments too seriously

Steelers vocal leader, Larry Foote, gives a mild nod to comments made by former teammate Mike Wallace, and reminds everyone the Steelers' track record over the past decade.

Gregory Shamus

It doesn't appear Steelers outspoken linebacker Larry Foote needed clarification from former teammate Mike Wallace on recent comments Wallace made alluding to the Steelers not being hungry.

It dismissed them entirely.

Speaking to Alan Robinson of the Tribune-Review, Foote didn't rip into Wallace, as many fans have, but clearly, he was aware of what Wallace said to the Miami Herald May 26.

"This organization knows how to do it, and we're one of the top teams the past decade," Foote said. "I don't know where's he's coming from, and I don't take it too seriously, but we're a top program. Everybody knows that."

The Steelers tied with Green Bay for the fourth-most wins since 2008, and have been in two Super Bowls in that time, winning one. No other team has two Super Bowl appearances in that time.

Foote has always been a vocal leader among the team, but his return this offseason (he was a free agent before the Steelers signed him to a three-year deal in March) wasn't totally expected. With a shallow group of inside linebackers behind Foote and Lawrence Timmons, the Steelers hope to be hungry enough at the position to last through the season without having that depth tested.

Timmons and Foote were two of the team's most durable players during the season, finishing first and second, respectively, in defensive snaps last year.