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Steelers remain at 18 in Power Rankings

Suggestions of that rank being due to the assumption "no one knows what to make" of the Steelers this season suits the team just fine.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport catch-all speculator Elliott Harrison compiled his second Power Rankings of the year.

They just aren't any different for the Steelers.

Harrison placed them at No. 18 in June, then at No. 18 again this week. This time around, the justification for their spot seems loosely based in the unknown.

No one knows what to make of the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. The last time the club entered the season in a similar spell of mediocrity -- coming off a somewhat lackluster, playoff-free 2009 campaign -- Pittsburgh surprised many by making it all the way to Super Bowl XLV. Many in this bidness believe rookie running back Le'Veon Bell could be the key to the Steelers turning things around, providing Ben Roethlisberger some much-needed ground support. The kid was held out of action last weekend with knee stiffness, but we should get a long look at him next Monday night in Washington.

Seems fair enough. Although suggesting Bell will get a "long look" Monday may not be the most accurate result of the Steelers' second preseason game.

If "no one knows what to make of them" now, why bother giving opponents much to see for the future?

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