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Chiefs vs. Steelers: LaMarr Woodley against Eric Fisher should be match-up to watch

Healthy LaMarr Woodley looks to continue the impressive start he's had to the 2013 season by going against Chiefs rookie and 2013 first overall pick Eric Fisher.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

LaMarr Woodley is still healthy. LaMarr Woodley dominates when he's healthy.

Eric Fisher has had a rough start to his pro career. Eric Fisher will be responsible for blocking Healthy LaMarr Woodley.

When broken down into robotic statements, logic would dictate LaMarr Woodley is in the early running for a post-game Winners selection. He's starting to build momentum behind the notion he's primed for a big comeback year.

The rookie and first overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft is having the same kinds of growing pains his classmates are likely having as well. He's got better days ahead of him, and that statement is, hopefully, true after Woodley is through with him at halftime.

The Steelers drafted Jarvis Jones 17 picks after Fisher, and a big storyline of training camp has been work being done to redeem a Steelers pass rush that's fallen into mediocrity over the last two years. Getting Woodley to contribute at 100 percent every game will help that more than the addition of Jones will - although Jones has shown a flash or two in the Steelers' first two preseason games.

If Saturday is the last real test of the players fans can expect to see playing a significant amount of snaps before the regular season starts Sept. 8 against Tennessee, then it's Woodley's chance to take a big step forward.

It should make for good television.

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