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Steelers Mike Golic Jr. and Ramon Foster featured in Gillette ad campaign

Both Mike Golic Jr. and Ramon Foster are among three pairs of NFL veterans and rookies who are featured in Gillete's #BuiltforTraining campaign.

Gregory Shamus

This year Gillete releases its #BuiltforTraining campaign to promote Gillette Deoderant. The campaign is simply to follow three rookies and the veteran mentors who help them progress at their position for each team. Among the pairs of players selected were Steelers' guard Ramon Foster and undrafted free agent rookie Mike Golic Jr.

The other pairings include 3rd round draft pick Kayvon Webster's tutelage under Denver Broncos' all-star Champ Bailey and Cincinatti Bengals' 2nd round draft pick Giovanni Bernard learning from BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Golic Jr. is the only undrafted rookie on the list.

Ironically enough, Foster was also an undrafted free agent as a rookie when he came to the Steelers. Now he looks to be a starter among four other lineman who were drafted in the first and second rounds of the NFL draft in their respective years. Foster sees the opportunity to highlight the often untold story of an undrafted lineman who tries to make an NFL roster as a good move on the part of the company.

While Golic Jr. says he wants to focus on blocking and not the cameras that will be on him, it's interesting to wonder why the cameras would be on him in the first place. Webster comes in for the Broncos under one of the better cornerbacks of the past decade to fill in for a position where Denver got torched in the playoffs by Joe Flacco. Bernard comes in for the Bengals as the highest drafted running back of his draft class. So why Golic Jr.?

Why not Jarvis Jones coming in to possibly take Jason Worilds' spot? Or LeVeon Bell trying to become the feature back in Pittsburgh? Or even Markus Wheaton learning under the "Young Money Crew?" With all the hoopla around Shamarko Thomas and being behind two Pro-Bowl safeties you'd think he'd be a viable option.

No, they choose the least of Pittsburgh's anticipated interior lineman and a rookie that isn't expected to see the field except for multiple injuries. I hope that Golic Jr. can work out and becomes a good player for the Steelers, but it just seems odd that he would get the nod when there are so many other options on the Steelers roster, let alone the league.

Whatever the reason is, apparently there's enough appeal to follow two undrafted free agents on the Steelers. Who knows? Maybe Golic Jr. is going to be the future fifth element to the four horseman that are set to lead the offensive line this year. Either way, it still doesn't make me want to use Gillette deodorant.

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