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Sean Spence injury: Reporter notes seeing him in workouts, he doesn't 'look like a guy who will be out all season'

The news surrounding Steelers second year linebacker Sean Spence gets better and better. Now, a reporter sees him working out, and opines he didn't look like he'd miss the season.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Perhaps it's a little early for such talk. AP reporter Will Graves saw Steelers linebacker Sean Spence doing agility drills today, and possibly edged the Sean Spence story even closer to legendary status.

It's hard to not feel a little excited seeing something like this.

Not to suggest Mr. Graves doesn't have the ability to tell an athlete at that level from some guy like me running around in a park, but he's not a doctor.

Either way, he still just gave a lot of Steelers fans a thrill.

I don't base my excitement with Spence on the feel-good story of him coming back; I base it on watching him play against Carolina in the preseason last year, when he suffered the horrible injury, and I base it in the athleticism he has. No one will confuse him for Levon Kirkland in terms of size, obviously, but Spence flew around the field in that game, and was probably the most active player there.

Those aren't bad ways to describe a team's linebacker.

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